Rainbow Lollipop Earrings
My boy lollipop! Do doo doo dooo! You make my heart go giddiyup! These beautiful Rainbow Lollipop Earrings are the perfect gift for the sweetest people in your life (or someone who needs to sweeten up). When you're stuck for...
Good Things Come to Those Who Bake Tea Towel - Kookery
You wash, I'll dry! Or shall we put everything in the dishwasher and hang this funky tea towel over the oven door for a bit of fun decor?? Whether you're the washer, the drier, or the kitchen styler, you'll love...
$29.95 $22.45
Chocolate Bar Earrings
Calling all chocoholics! Wear your love of this ancient super food with pride with our fun mini chocolate bar earrings! A unique gift for foodies or lovers of quirky jewellery, add gourmet chocolate treats to finish the perfect present! Earrings...
Official Taste Tester T-Shirt
Official taste testers come in all shapes and sizes, the cutest and loudest are the toddling kind! These adorable shirts are lovely and long (for tucking in) and perfect gifts for mini foodies or foodie parents!
$24.95 $19.96
Misty's Salted Caramel - Coconut: Vegan, Dairy Free
Grab a spoon and dig in to this Vegan, Dairy Free Salted Caramel! Just because you’ve got dietary requirements doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun. This delicious coconut flavour is dairy free, made from Sugar,...
Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds Greeting Card - Sow 'n Sow
Flowers so beautiful you could eat them? Definitely! A new spin on the comparatively boring gift card, with this gorgeous artisan bundle of seeds the card is part of the gift! This gift that keeps on giving is both stunning and useful!...
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