Salted Caramel and Dark Belgian Chocolate Peanut Brittle
A delicious crunchy peanut brittle with Salted Caramel, Rose Petal & Dark Belgian Chocolate as beautiful as it is delicious! The perfect addition to any gift for any discerning foodie, lover of food, or grab a bag for your pantry....
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Chocolate Bar Earrings
Calling all chocoholics! Wear your love of this ancient super food with pride with our fun mini chocolate bar earrings! A unique gift for foodies or lovers of quirky jewellery, add gourmet chocolate treats to finish the perfect present! Earrings...
Wild Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Belgium White Chocolate Nougat
Decorated with rose petals our Wild Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Belgium White Chocolate nougat is creamy, delicious and beautiful! The perfect addition to any gift, or any stash of treats! IngredientsSugar 30%, Nuts (Almonds 25%, Hazelnuts 10%), Honey 14%, Glucose...
Toffee Apple, Candied Rose and Caramelised French White Chocolate Honeycomb
A delicious crunchy honeycomb with Toffee Apple, Candied Rose Petal, and a covering of Caramelised French White Chocolate, it's best to send this one direct to your gift-ee or it won't make it back out of the house! The perfect...
$19.95 $15.95
Chocolate Stylised Donut Earrings
Our fun and funky donut stud earrings are like a drawing brought to life! Handmade in New South Wales, each sprinkle on these beauties is individually painted by hand. They're the perfect addition to any collection of bright and bold jewellery, or...
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Chocolate Donut Stud Earrings
Did you know that donuts used to be dough with nuts? These donut earrings are the perfect gift for any sweet lover or for yourself whether you're a Simpsons fan or just love a good donut (uhm,who doesn't)! And now...
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Earrings
Who stole the cookie from the coo-cookie jar? Wasn't us! Promise! Share your love of all things sweet with these adorable mini cookie earrings. They're just one pair of earrings in our curated collection of food themed jewellery, handmade by...
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Brownie Points - Black Tea
Just like the batter straight from the bowl, this deliciously sweet, molten and creamy black tea blend is perfect for cool nights on the couch. A fun addition to any gift, foodies and tea drinkers alike will delight in this delicious...
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